virtual reality APP OLLO for custom cardboards

A virtual field trip to the Peloponnese

Virtual Reality wakens ancient walls

Recently we’ve finished  a quite pretty custom cardboard project for a really impressive virtual reality project from Greece. The project named APP | OLLO (yes, there’s APP in there) aims to promote the cultural heritage of ancient Greece and particularly the ancient monument Temple of Apollo Epicurius. It was realised by a group of students and members of the entrepreneurship team of B’ Arsakeio Lykeio Psychiko, a school in Greece, founding a virtual cultural enterprise named EPEIKON. The main mission of the company is to promote and connect particular monuments and sites of the past with contemporary cultural and economic life, and transmit the greek culture to people who are unable to visit these monuments from a past time. Having this in mind, they created an virtual reality app which invites you on a journey to the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae.   

A comprehensive virtual experience vs. dry teaching

The virtual inspection of the temple complex (which is also the first greek monument that was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage) is a real comprehensive immersion into the history of this famous landmark, not only visual but also with an audio comment in Greek and English. You are free to move around, stop by the dozens of info points and, not least, enjoy a magnificent view of the Peloponnese.
cardboard excited virtual reality greece temple
Get excited: Our Custom Cardboard for APP|OLLO (Source:
The virtual business also took part on an expo, organised by Junior Achievement Greece at April 1st at The Mall Athens. The judging group was deeply impressed navigating the aisles of Apollo Epicurus, so APP | OLLO won the “Most Innovative Product” award from the expo, leading to the next contest for a place in the pan-european Junior Achievement.
epeikon students presenting virtual reality app and custom cardboards
Members of the Cultural Corporation EPEIKON at their presentation of APP|OLLO in Athens (Source: Manolis Skouris, EPEIKON)
You can download the app named for free in the Google Play Store, just go to from your phone and you will be redirected to the app, it supports English too :), iPhone support will come shortly. You are invited to have a look on!