Peugeot Cardboard VR

Peugeot Cardboard: Amplifying the lion brand

Custom Cardboard at large scale: 150 000 VR kits for Peugeot´s most recent 3008 SUV campaign

Oh, January, really?  We´re really sorry for not keeping you update for a few weeks but a real cool and extensive project claimed fully our attention. We´ve done the full custom cardboard production for Peugeot´s most recent VR campaign. It´s called The Peugeot Amplified Experience. And it´s a really nice one. Simultaneously with the official launch of the new Peugeot 3008 SUV, Peugeot invites you to discover their brand new SUV. This is realised by a unique virtual or 360° experience using the custom branded Peugeot cardboard kits. So let´s have a spotlight on some certain notes:

 Literally Custom: The unique Peugeot Cardboard

To meet the outstanding approach of the new Peugeot 3008 SUV, this cardboard viewer was designed exclusively for the Peuegot Amplified Experience campaign. We´ve developed an entire new folding mechanism, an unique cut with customized measurements for viewer and sleeve. Also we set up a completely new design and a unique production cut for the handsome and good-looking presentation box. The Peugeot Custom Cardboard will not only be the best way to enjoy Virtual Reality, but also a great gift and memory for fans of the lion brand.

We are more than happy to be part of this project. And also a little bit proud we have achieved to our client´s complete satisfaction what we were assigned with:

  • entire product development and design work of the unique Peugeot Cardboard and Custom box
  • entire production of more than 150 000 Peugeot custom cardboard kits
  • natioanal and international shipping management with distribution in more than 25 countries worldwide

What´s the Peugeot Amplified Experience all about?

Thanks to the unique and genuine I-Cockpit Amplify, Peugeot´s new 3008 SUV brings an unprecedented driving experience, that will lead the customization of the vehicle to a mould-braking level. To bring this experience to life in a first person attitude, Peugeot has launched the campaign Peugeot Amplified Experience. It displays the most outstanding features of the SUV. Thanks to this VR experience and the exclusive Peugeot Cardboard viewer, consumers discover the new features of the Peugeot 3008 prior a drive test.

You can enjoy Peugeot´s amazing VR campaign with any Smartphone. It features in a first step a 360-degree video that puts the user right in front respectively into the car. There you can discover the new SUV 3008 from every conceivable perspective. In addition, Peugeot activated a second experience, coming up with a lot more immersive. To access both content, just visit the website (several languages available).

Just go for it and try it!

You are interested in Peugeot´s approach into Virtual Reality, coming along with the 3008 SUV? To get one of the viewers Peugeot Cardboard, you only have to apply on the web for Peugeot Amplified Experience and it will be mailed to your home at no cost. Fairly clear, with this campaign Peugeot is committed to innovation and offers an obvious but pretty cool and distinctive way to enjoy Virtual Reality.