Not just simply a Google cardboard supplier!

Google cardboard supplier - yes, but we offer much more!
Custom Cardboards are developed and produced by Custom Cardboard Berlin. We are a R&D studio focusing on Real Time 3D, interactive media installations and digital fabrication processes. We are the first manufacturer who introduced, developed and produced VR cardboard kits in Europe.

As the biggest Google cardboard supplier on the European market, we provide the best VR experience you can get. Proved by thousands of clients. Since 05/2015 we are certified partner of Google. Our cardboards have the "Works with Google Cardboard" badge.Learn more...



We offer great service!

We get up. Stop by the little bakery around the corner. Opening the door to our office and make some coffee or tea. Just like hundreds of our clients. Just like back in those days, when Google Cardboard was announced at the Google I/O developers conference.

Two years. Four versions of custom cardboard. Tons of environmental friendly paper. Hundreds of happy clients and thousands of sold cardboards later, we're still enthusiastic and full of love for the possibilities Google Cardboard provides. We create unique solutions for our clients. Individual cuts and special materials make our VR viewers a powerful and convincing advertising tool, from the Europe's no.1 google cardboard supplier.

Working as developers, designers, consultants, expediters and researchers we're are able to provide you the complete service of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions, fully tailored for your very own purposes.


More than a revolution!

Hard to explain, easy to love. Immersion into Virtual Reality environments is one of the most amazing steps, since invention of binary code. Or the wheel. Be part in one of the most impressive media evolutions right now. All you need is your smartphone and one of these pretty cardboard viewers. And we are the Google cardboard supplier of your choice!

A box with some lenses? Not at all.

All you need for entering immersive 360° virtual worlds is a smartphone and the cardboard viewer. Just fold your Custom Cardboard kit, put your phone inside and start an app or video. Your phone will show you two slightly different pictures, that will be merged into one stereoscopic image, when you’re looking through the lenses.

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