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Get inspired! Year of the monkey innovation festival

Digital Transformation and Innovation Festival with Custom Cardboard supply

Well, there are a lot of exhibitions, knowledge-sharing meet-ups, DIY sessions, conferences out there dealing with digital transformation processes and and technical innovation in general. The "Year of the X" festival is not only an event that sums up all those buzzin' developments into one really awesome happening, but it also represents the current status of how innovation is created - and by whom.

Year of the X -  the Chinese Zodiac was chosen because of the 12 animals that are representing different personalities and a new story every year - is a community of innovators and global minds. While 2015 was the Year of the Goat, 2016 marks the Year of the Monkey, a curious and playful animal. As regards the monkey's properties, the Year of the Monkey festival in Munich was full of frisky approaches to the technology shift we notice all around the world. One of the main subjects was, of course, Virtual and Augmented Reality, discussing its potential and applications for multiple scenarios.

As we are also working as researches and developers, both in google cardboard and VR in general, there was no question about to be part of this festival. Besides the great pleasure to get connected with really smart and far-sighted people, we were also supporting the festival with a bunch of special "Year of the Monkey"-branded google cardboard viewers. As the "big" VR-Solutions like Gear or Vive are well suited for showing content on site, the cardboard viewers were extremely demanded among visitors as perfect possibility to have a "VR to Go" device. Well, our pleasure!

So be aware, there is one more chance to visit the Year of the Monkey festival in 2016: On November the 3rd in Hamburg, Germany (location: Markthalle). Imagine a business get-together where you get great input, meet stunning people and broaden your's mind about Digital transformation. For more information, have a look here. Well will frequently look out for some more festivals which we are excited about and support them with a custom cardboard supply.

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