Should I buy cardboard version 1 or version 2?

Here are some helpful details to make a decision between cardboard version 1 or version 2

You are concerned whether to buy cardboard version 1 or version 2? Well, as both are doing absolutely fine in making VR happen, it's just a matter of size. The most important thing you have to consider are the measurements of your phone:
Basically, if your screen sizes up to 5.5 inches, you are absolutely free in choosing a version 1 or a version 2 cardboard. Be aware that a few 5.5" screened phones are still to big in their total measures (e.g. the iPhone 6 plus), so please draw some attention on the list above.

If you're using a phone that comes around with a screen size up to 6", your choice should be a version 2 cardboard. Currently we're also working on a XXL cardboard for even bigger phones and wider screens, the V3 should be available at the end of July 2016.

And there's another point that has to be mentioned: While the version 1 uses a magnetic input, version 2 comes up with a conductive button that touches the screen directly. Needless to say, the magnetic input only will work properly if your phone supports a magnetic sensor.

Summed up, here comes the checklist with some pros and cons for V1 and V2:

Cardboard Version 1

cardboard version 1 or version 2? For smaller sized phones, cardboard version 1 is recommended

+ perfectly fitting for phone screens up to 5.5 inches
+ affordably priced
+ timeless design
+ flat packed, perfect for mailing and B2B purposes
- not fitting for bigger screen sizes
- some folding steps before first usage
- magnetic input only usable with phones carrying a magnetic sensor

Cardboard Version 2

+ perfectly fitting for phone screens up to 6 inchesthere are some differences between cardboard version 1 or version 2+ larger field of vision
+ larger lenses
+ assembled in a few seconds
+ conductive input
- small phones benefit not that much from the larger scaled filed of vision
- very small phones feeling lost in such a big case