evian cardboard babysurf

Breaking the waves with evian babysurf

New VR cardboard app turns you into a surfer (and even makes you younger)

Our recently completed custom cardboard project for evian and Quiksilver puts you in the shoes – or rather the wetsuit – of a baby and let you perform some iconic surfing moves. This stunning virtual reality surfing application was designed by agency Versus Fully Tailored Creation in partnership with Quiksilver will present a fun and outlandish immersive 360° experience. We are very happy to be part of this freshening campaign producing some lovely custom "babysurf" branded cardboards. The VR app is available from April 19th on Google and Apple Appstores.

Further, the application is part of the extensive “Baby Bay” campaign evian set up, expressing its unique and universal vision of youth, a freshness of body and mind that can be nurtured at any age. The Virtual Reality experience is accompanied by a short film (naturally covered by a Beach Boys song), an US crossmedia campaign and several POS marketing actions.


The cardboards

The client voted for version 1 cardboard, which is a great choice for large scale drop shipments or usage within a promotion package. The cardboards were customised with high quality offset printing and laminated with a full surface protective coating. Also the front cut-out was omitted, which enables a clean and widespread printing area at the frontside of the viewer. This area was used to place the custom print, showing sunglasses that merge the ideas of beach wear and virtual reality content.