The list of cardboard compatible smart phones covers the most common devices that are currently on the market.

Not sure what models are supported by your smart phone? Easy!
We'd carefully sourced the specs of all major phone manufacturers and listed the results below.
So please check the following spreadsheet to figure out which version fits best.

ManufacturerModelVersion 1Version 2Version 3
AppleiPhone 41
AppleiPhone 4S1
AppleiPhone 51
AppleiPhone 5S1
AppleiPhone 5C1
AppleiPhone 61
AppleiPhone 6S1
AppleiPhone 6 Plus
AppleiPhone 6S Plus
AppleiPhone 7
SamsungAtive S
SamsungGalaxy Beam
SamsungGalaxy S2
SamsungGalaxy S31
SamsungGalaxy S3 Mini
SamsungGalaxy S41
SamsungGalaxy S4 Mini
SamsungGalaxy S4 Active1
SamsungGalaxy S51
SamsungGalaxy S5 Mini
SamsungGalaxy S5 Neo1
SamsungGalaxy S61
SamsungGalaxy A
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge
SamsungGalaxy Note 3
SamsungGalaxy S7
SamsungGalaxy S7 Edge2
SamsungGalaxy Note 4
SamsungGalaxy Note Edge
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge +
SamsungGalaxy A3
Samsung Galaxy A5
SamsungGalaxy A7
SamsungGalaxy A8
Samsung Galaxy A9
GoogleNexus 4
GoogleNexus 51
GoogleNexus 5X2
GoogleNexus 6
GoogleNexus 6P
HTCEco 3D1
HTCOne Mini1
HTCOne X+1
HTCOne E81
HTCOne M81
HTCOne M91
HTCSensation XE1
HTCVelocity 4G1
HTCDesire 3201
HTCDesire 6001
HTCDesire 6101
HTCDesire 6201
HTCDesire Eye1
HTCDesire 816
HTCDesire 816G
HTCDesire 820
HTCDesire 826
LGOptimus 3D Max (P720)
LGOptimus 4X HD (P880)
LGOptimus G (E975)
LGOptimus G Pro2
LGP940 Prada 3
HuaweiAscend G615
HuaweiAscend P1
HuaweiAscend P6
HuaweiAscend Mate 7
HuaweiAscend Honor 4X
HuaweiAscend Honor 6 Plus
HuaweiMate 8
SonyXperia S
SonyXperia SP
SonyXperia T
SonyXperia Z
SonyXperia ZL
SonyXperia ZR
SonyXperia Z1
SonyXperia Z2
SonyXperia Z3
SonyXperia Z4
SonyXperia Z3+
SonyXperia Z5
SonyXperia Z5 Premium
XiaomiRedmi Prime
XiaomiRedmi Prime 2
XiaomiRedmi Prime 3
XiaomiMi Note
XiaomiRedmi Note 2
XiaomiRedmi Note 3

¹Cardboard version 2 will work, but for a better VR experience the version 1 is recommended.
²Cardboard version 1 will work, but because of the measurements the version 2 is recommended for a better fitting.

Your smartphone is not listed? Please contact us for further compatibility requests!

We keep this list up to date, but we also have to ask for your understanding that we cannot review all phones ever produced. While we attempt to maintain the information in this catalog as accurately as possible, it may contains errors or omissions for which we deny any and all liability. The compatibility is based on manufacturers information on screen sizes and sensors. We are not liable for any incompatibility that may occur.

A word on the operating systems:

As the official Google Cardboard App is currently released only for Android and iOS, there's no chance to calibrate your Windows Phone for Google Cardboard. Nevertheless, there are not a few VR and AR applications at the MS store that will work on Windows Phones even without calibration.

cardboard compatible smart phones
Which one fits better? To figure out whether your smart phone is compatible with cardboard or not, see our list. If you need something special, we also could do an individual cut for you! Just like those shown at the image.
There are mainly two things important:
1. The size of your phone
2. Which sensors are installed
For example, the magnetometer is needed for the magnetic input the cardboard version 1 is equipped with
phone compatible custom cardboard version 2
As you can see, a lot of phones are compatible with both versions of Google Cardboard. The Samsung Galaxy S5 shown here was put into a version 2 but also works fine with version 1.